Stocks and Colburnphoto decoration has been assisting families locate and finalize their adoption for over 30 years. Our office has assisted hundreds of families in locating a birth mother. Stocks and Colburn continues to assist potential adopting couples who are looking for a child to adopt, as well as assist in completing the legal requirements of an adoption if you have already located a woman considering you as her adoptive family.

In private open adoptions, a birth mother selects the adoptive parent(s). This is done through submitting “Dear Birth Mother” letters for the birth mother to review, and discussing with a birth mother additional background information about the adoptive parent(s) obtained from a questionnaire completed by the adoptive parents. The adoptive parent(s) create a “Dear Birth Mother” letter for birth mothers to review, which may cover an adoptive parent(s) lifestyle, career(s), interests, hobbies, religion, and other pertinent information.

photo decorationIn the case of a closed adoption, a birth mother may request AdoptSanDiego to select adoptive parent(s) for her. In such an event, she may not wish to review an adoptive parent’s “Dear Birth Mother” letter.Although it is ultimately the birth mother’s decision in selecting a family of her choice, you are presented to a birth mother only after the birth mother has met your criteria.

photo decorationWhen a birth mother initially contacts AdoptSanDiego, we obtain information about her personal and medical history. We discuss with her what she is looking for in her selection of adoptive parent(s) for her child. A first package of information is then sent to the birth mother, including an informational medical background form and a financial worksheet delineating her living expenses (i.e. food, rent, utilities and clothing). She completes the paperwork and returns it to us, along with a pregnancy verification and medical records, if available. Upon receiving her information, we send her a second package of information, including a more in-depth informational medical background questionnaire for her to complete and remit back.

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